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Cathy B

“Great birdlife, views of the islands and mountains, amazing shellfish straight from the sea!”

We searched our whole trip for puffins on cliffs to no avail so we caved and bought expensive tickets to the Viking Sushi boat tour but it was worth every penny. It was very chilly day so wrap up warm! They do have a shop that sells coffee on board. The boat goes up very close to the cliffs to you can see the birds really well, we didn't bring our zoom lens so our shots aren't amazing but loads of people did. It wasn't overcrowded on a Sunday morning trip.

The scallops and sea urchins were the highlight for me, they threw a net down and brought up a load of shellfish. We had soy sauce and wasabi to go with it. I had my fill on scallops which were beautiful and tried sea urchin which wasnt as bad as i was expecting! There was white wine but it was put to the side for some reason.

Lots of locals on board with some tourists.

Nánar More Mehr
Worth the trip! :)

This tour is worth it, there are great photo opportunities and very informative! Sheep on the fjords along with a plethora of bird spotting opportunities, including indigenous species like the white tailed eagle, which we were lucky to see as well as other sea birds and ptarmigan. Make sure you wear windproof trousers and wrap up warm. I bought some hand warmers (hothands) with me and are good tp put in your gloves to keep your hands toastie. There was free tea, hotchocolate and coffee available as well as a small bar to buy a beer etc. Food provided and they catch some shellfish which they prepare for you if sushimi is one of your likes. You don't get any fresher! All in all we can definately recommend using this company! :) Have fun we did!

Nánar More Mehr
Teruce, Hongkong

“A nice lunch cruise around the Breioafjorour Fjord”

The Breioafjorgur Fjord would be a very lovely place for a lunch cruise in summer especially if the weather is fine. Though I went for a lunch cruise on a ferry on a rainy day, the imperfect weather did not make this short tour around the fjord as the Icelandic seafood soup with bread was a wonderful surprise to most foreigner tourists on board and soem of us requested one more bowl of it. I openly said to the big fellow who served us with the soup that the soup was very nice as the scallops, fish and shrimps were all fresh local seafood and I was surprised to have two bowls of soup full of them! The rain might be a disappointment to most who expected nice shots of the basaltic islands which we kept seeing one after another in the harbour and the resultant wet floor on board a hazard for us, but the sudden sighting of a few healthy adult sheep on one of the uninhabited islands was liek an eye-opener to us in the rain. The cliffs consisting of basaltic columns on these islands are not comparable to the huge hexagonal basaltic columns ones with a diameter of about 6 feet found in the geological parks in Hong Kong, but the series of such small islands was quite a scene for me indeed. The toru was on a ferry which was basic with long tables and chairs for passengers and you may buy drinks and snacks on board. The sea was not bumpy and so the ride was reasonably comfortable and not too windy despite the rain of the day. I had been to the fishing village of Stykkisholmur and I did nothign more than takign a few beautiful pictures along the shore in July 2013. This second, winter visit was a very wonderful one despite the poor weather. If you go there on a sunny day in summer or winter, you will love the village and the fjord.
Visited February 2015

Nánar More Mehr

A change from driving if going to the Westfjords

We had a day to drive from Reykjavik to Isafjörður. We could have driven all the way, but that would have stopped us going on the Snæfellsnes peninsula (even though we did not have time – or the right weather to visit Snæfell itself). That is the problem of a schedule – you can’t afford to miss the boat. Departures from Stykkishólmur 0900 and 1545. I gather it is best to do it this way round – because there is nothing to do at Brjánslækur on the peninsula side.

The boat is well designed.

Nánar More Mehr
Jerry Carol

“Outstanding views of seabirds!”

A comfortable ~150 passenger boat allows great views of thousands of nesting seabirds including puffins, cormorants, fulmars and kittiwakes. The boat stops as close as possible to the searocks/islands with nest covered ledges. Ad an additional bonus the boat stopped to view nesting White-tailed Sea Eagles. Because of the eagle's endangered status the boat did not approach as close as it did to the rocks with commoner birds.

Nánar More Mehr
Helga Bryndís

Ævintýraferð 2010

Vildi bara þakka kærlega fyrir okkur um daginn.
Suðureyjasiglingin á þriðjudeginum var hrikalega fín og allir kampakátir.
Við fórum síðan í Flatey á fimmtudagsmorgninum – og ekki var sú upplifun síðri fyrir alla.

Mæli svo sannarlega með þessu.

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